Useful information about St.Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg is a very friendly city,  where every year tourists come from all over the world. But unfortunately not all people are honest, so you should know the following information.

Taxi from Pulkovo airport to the city center 600 - 1000 rub (not higher!)

Taxi from Moskovsky railwaystation (main) to our hostel 200 rub.


Price of the tickets in public transport

Bus/Tram 40 rub. per ticket

Metro 45 rub. per ticket


Be careful in public transport and in the public places. Do not hold your bags open. Do not leave your belongings unattended.



You should know that in St. Petersburg has a lot of bridges and they are bred for the night (from about 1 am to 5 am) from may till october. Bridges connects the northern and southern part of the city. So if you are in the northern part and you need to move to the southern part (or vice versa), you need to do it before the breeding of bridges.


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