Visa support

Tourist Voucher

We provide Russian tourist visa support document – voucher * also known as a tourist confirmation. As per Russian consulate requirements these documents are called "Tourist voucher" and "Tourist confirmation document stamped and signed by authorized person". This is exactly what we will be providing to you.

It is paid service and price is 1 000 rub (*) per voucher


*Exceptions are the countries of migration risk (Algeria, China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Tunisia and some others). For citizens of these countries, the cost of the voucher will be higher.


How to order tourist voucher

You will need to order your voucher online as this will allow us to process your request quicker and more efficiently.


1) Complete and submit our online request form below this text.

2) Check your country from the list and make payment via PayPal on


Please note that we accept PayPal payments only in russian rubbles (RUB).


IMPORTANT. If you are planning to visit another Russian cities in the same visit, you would need to write in the field 'Comments’ details of the hotels and dates.


Processing time

1-2 day after we receive payment for the voucher and your details, you will receive it via email.

* For the security reason, vouchers could be issued only for the guests of our hostel.


Примечание: Обязательные к заполнению поля помечены *.